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10 Festive Tips for Staging Your Home During the Holiday Season

Posted by Dustin Oldfather on Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 at 8:12pm.

If you've ever sold or attempted to sell a home while working with a qualified REALTOR, you've no doubt been told about the importance of making and keeping your home presentable. This is, of course, in anticipation of prospective buyers who will be visiting your property during the home selling process.

But what about the holiday season, a time when frankly many homeowners consider removing their homes from the market in order to fully enjoy this special time of year with their families?

Well, there's really no need to do this. In fact, the holidays present a limited opportunity for really making your home shine, so take advantage of it!

Put up that tree, bake those Christmas cookies and adorn your family home in red and green. There's really no reason not to dress up your home for the holidays, as long as you do so responsibly and without going too wild and crazy.

So today, we're going to tell you about our favorite ways for really making your home stand out during this special time of year:

Clean First. Before you decorate for Christmas, you're going to want to make sure that your home has been cleaned and decluttered. If not, your festive decorations are only going to add to the clutter, which is never good regardless of what time of year it is.

Make It Cozy. The holiday season is a perfect chance for making your home seem cozier than it ever has before. Just consider some subtle additions to your home, like a gingerbread scented candle, or a fragrant wreath on the front door, or even something as simple as a bowl full of pinecones from the back yard can really make a big difference.

Be Complimentary. Green and red are the traditional colors of Christmas, but you don't want to add a whole lot of these colors if they don't match with the color palette of your home. Consider more subtle colors like the white of snowflakes or the gold and/or silver of holiday balls and other decorations.

Choose the Right Accessories. Several holiday decorations are not necessarily a bad thing, but you need to make sure that they fit well with your decor. Things like well-placed mistletoe, or an "Elf on the Shelf" resting on the mantle of your fireplace, not to mention the obligatory stockings "hung by the chimney with care" will all fit well with most any holiday theme.

Not Too Many Lights. Remember that what you think is festive might hit others as being too over the top, so consider scaling back just a tad on the light displays both inside and outside your home. Think about using lights that are a bit more simple and not overbearing, which will allow you to still celebrate the holidays but not in a way that some might consider tacky or overreaching.

Keep Things Neutral. Consider leaving the Nativity scene in the garage this year, as not everyone who is out looking at homes during the holiday season will be members of the Christian faith. Religious displays may be a home run with some, but it may be completely off-putting to others, so think about keeping Christmas a little more neutral this year. No matter what your religion is, you're not likely to be offended by Santa Claus or the Nutcracker or other neutral themed holiday decorations.

Trimming the Tree. Don't forego the Christmas tree just because your home has a "For Sale" sign in the front yard, but do consider utilizing it as part of your overall holiday staging scheme. Make sure the tree fits well in the space you have available and also consider keeping the decorations a bit more neutral and subtle, and less colorful or perhaps gaudy.

Don't Go Overboard. Put out those holiday decorations, but consider scaling it back a bit this year. You don't need to put up every Christmas decoration you've accumulated over the years, but well-placed ones that fit well with the decor of your home are definitely a good idea.

Depersonalize the Decorations. We've already mentioned holiday themed displays, but also consider keeping some of those personal items in storage this Christmas season. Things like homemade ornaments made by your children, holiday cards and family photos are good examples. Save those for next year, when you can hopefully display them proudly in your brand new home.

The Neighborhood Effect. You want your home to fit in well in the neighborhood, and that includes during the holiday season. If everyone else on the block is decorating outside, then follow suit. On the other hand, if your neighborhood is bare of holiday displays, either don't put decorations on the outside of your home, or at the very least scale it back as much as you can.

The holidays present a great opportunity for showcasing your home in a bright and festive way. Just keep it subtle and remember that, just like with other things in your home, not everybody is going to like the same thing.

For more tips on how to stage your home for the holidays, or to learn more about the real estate markets in coastal Delaware and Maryland, call the Oldfather Group today at 302-260-2000.

And Happy Holidays from all of us here at the Oldfather Group!

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